Enjoy Women’s Hiking Trips on the Alpe Adria Trail

Hike together, have fun together: the Carinthian part of the Alpe Adria Trail is perfect for women’s hiking trips!

Laughing, talking, hiking together – you know, girl stuff

Spending time with your best girlfriends is always wonderful. Friendships both at school and in adulthood are one of the most important things in many women’s lives. Nothing against men, of course – but there is something special about having close girlfriends.

Going on adventures together can put a special twist on such relationships. So why not take a hiking trip with your friends? Active, nature-loving ladies can do just about everything they love on the Carinthian part of the Alpe Adria Trail: see beautiful mountains and valleys, visit cultural hot spots, soak up amazing views, eat delicious food, and have plenty of time to chat and catch up. Plus you will enjoy the Mediterranean climate that is clearly noticeable south of the Alps.

Hiking trips with friends on the Alpe Adria Trail – having fun and creating special memories

The Alpe Adria Trail is one of the most famous long-distance hiking trails in Europe. More than 750 km of trails run from the eternal ice of the Pasterze glacier at the majestic Grossglockner through the Möll Valley, the Millstatt Alps, the Nockberge Biosphere Reserve and over the Gerlitzen, past Lake Oassiac and Lake Wörth, all the way to the border. Passing through Slovenia, the trail then heads to Italy and the Adriatic Sea.

The first stages of the trail lead through Carinthia in Austria. These stages are each about 17 km long and are perfect for women’s hiking trips with friends. They follow existing, well-marked trails and along a defined route. Be inspired by the breath-taking panorama views – and look forward to natural and cultural highlights along the way such as roaring waterfalls, babbling brooks, unique flora and fauna, historic castles and mills – and of course, great places to stop for a bite to eat.

Hiking together, experiencing the outdoors together, and of course the wonderful feeling of having accomplished something when you reach the end of the stage create a special bond that strengthens your friendship. Everyone relies on everyone else in a lovely way. And your trip wouldn’t be complete without a delicious meal and a night at one of the various accommodations available along the Alpe Adria Trail – from rustic chalets to traditional inns or spa hotels. Look back at your fun day together, chat about the highlights of the trail, collapse into your comfy bed – and sleep the sleep of the just!

The Alpe Adria Trail Booking Centre – put the planning of your women’s hiking trip in the best hands!

The Alpe Adria Trail Booking Centre is happy to help you plan your hike and can even book accommodation for you and your friends. The Centre’s experienced specialists know what to consider when planning a hike on the Alpe Adria Trail. It is an especially good idea to use their help during peak season when bookings are high at many accommodations. Choose from various packages or consult with the specialists to put together your tour as you like. You can also consult the Alpe Adria Trail app, a free information guide, and hiking guides available in bookstores.

Perhaps you would prefer not to have to schlepp heavy luggage around with you? We completely understand. The Booking Centre can also help you with this. They will organise luggage transport to your accommodation. Take it easy as you hike through the beautiful Carinthian landscape and enjoy its beauty without any (literal) weight on your shoulders!

So what do you get from a women’s hiking trip on the Alpe Adria Trail? Unforgettable memories of great conversations, tough and not-so-tough stages of the tour, leisurely evenings, fantastic views and above all: the joy of true friendship.