Nature installations

The Alpe-Adria-Trail runs along existing paths, connects them and hence has all the character of a hiking trail. On each stage there are several landmarks which substantially influence the rhythm of hiking and are equipped with information boards. In future each stage will include at least one “magic place”, a special place where the four elements are in harmony. These places already exist, and are “jewels of the landscape” of great intensity for all who see them. The interventions invite you to stop for a while, and will enable you not only to see the landscape, but to feel it as well. Every starting point and destination is equipped with striking installations, the Alpe-Adria-Trail information points: On Austrian side a circular pedestal in a style typical of the region with three information columns, the so-called “companions” is given. The middle companion always provides the most important information about the current place of any stage, while the companions alongside it provide details of the stages leading off in either direction. On the Italian stages this installation is held in the form of a hiker, in Slovenia in the form of wooden panels.