Hut-to-Hut Hiking on the Alpe Adria Trail – Limitless Fun

Idyllic chalets and guesthouses to restaurants, farms or 4-star hotels: be spoilt for choice when you go hut-to-hut hiking in Carinthia!

The first stages: in Austria’s sunny Carinthia

Long-distance hiking is more and more popular. And anyone who is obsessed with this type of hiking, or has even tried it only once, can easily understand why! There is hardly anything more wonderful than exploring a beautiful landscape on foot at your leisure and observing how its character changes along the way. One of the most famous long-distance hiking trails is the Alpe Adria Trail, an exciting trail of around 750 kilometres and 43 stages that runs through the Austrian state of Carinthia through to Slovenia and Italy.

Enjoyable hiking is at the foreground of hiking the Alpe Adria Trail. At the end of each stage a mountain hut, chalet, inn or hotel awaits with a bed and a meal for tired, hungry hikers. Begin your hut-to-hut hike on the Alpe Adria Trail at the Kaiser Franz Josef’s Höhe, at the end of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. This road gives travellers access to Austria’s tallest mountain. From there, day stages of approximately 20 kilometres in length take hikers all the way to the peaceful harbour town of Muggia on Italy’s Adriatic coast.

Hike from hut to hut, from inn to inn on the Alpe Adria Trail

But be warned – you may want to linger over the Carinthian stages longer than planned. These stages are home to a unique mix of nature, culture and cuisine that you will only find in Carinthia. Plus, hotels, huts and restaurants on the wayside are perfectly suited to meet the needs of their hiking guests. You will find certified establishments where you can dry your gear or get great tips – meaning you’ll be all set for great hut-to-hut hiking on the Carinthian part of the Alpe Adria Trail!

No matter what type of accommodation you prefer, you will find it along the Alpe Adria Trail in Carinthia. From picturesque chalets to simple inns, from idyllic farms to 4-star hotels with spas – no wish is left unfulfilled in Carinthia. You can look for accommodation yourself – or use the Alpe Adria Trail Booking Centre. These specialists know the area’s accommodation options like the back of their hand and can assess booking levels at different times, offering you a valuable service. The Alpe Adria Trail Booking Centre can also help organise luggage transport if you don’t want to lug heavy bags around on your hut-to-hut hiking tour.

Wild canyons, babbling brooks, sensational views

Plenty of unforgettable moments are in store you on the Carinthian stages of the Alpe Adria Trail. The alpine trail runs along existing paths and is well signposted. Savour a hut-to-hut hike full of natural spectacles large and small, fantastic panoramic views, cultural highlights and Carinthia’s famous hospitality.

By the way: the Alpe Adria Trail is laid out in such a way that you can easily hike single stages at a time. Many long-distance hikers “collect” parts of the trail each year – and look forward to the day when they have completed all the stages of the Alpe Adria Trail!