The many rewards of trekking in Austria

Follow the Alpe Adria Trail through sunny Carinthia

Some of the best trekking in Austria can be found on the early stages of the Alpe Adria Trail as it passes through the Hohe Tauern National Park. Not only is this the largest national park in Austria, it is the biggest in the whole of continental Europe!

The Alpe Adria Trail is carefully designed to take walkers in manageable stages through the most beautiful landscapes in Austria and beyond. This is long distance hut-to-hut hiking at its best. The Hohe Tauern National Park includes an incredible 1,800km2 of stunning mountain scenery.

Watching cute marmots sun themselves beside the path and impressive mountain ibexes atop craggy rocks is just part of what makes this an outstanding nature experience. If you’re very lucky you may even see a golden eagle or bearded vulture.

Snowy white glaciers and deep blue mountain lakes

The park is also a World Heritage Area so if you want to go trekking in Austria this region should be your first choice. At the start of the Alpe Adria Trail the magnificent Pasterze glacier can hold its own with any glacier in the world and Lake Sandersee reflects its glory. Put your camera on your packing list right now!

The waterfalls, lakes and rivers of this mountain range are home to diverse ecosystems and also provide the opportunity to cool off with a swim on a hot summer hiking day. As you continue your Austrian hiking adventures the Nockberge Biosphere Reserve and the Millstatt Alps are also sure to be highlights.

Legends and ancient traditions: some of the best trekking in Austria

Trekking in Austria doesn’t just mean gorgeous scenery, every day. This is a richly storied landscape, where mountain farmers have cultivated crops and animals at altitude and humans have left their mark over thousands of years. Picturesque villages, farmhouses and mills bear witness to traditions that mark the seasons, and legends and fairytales that represent a unique way of life.

There are also many beautiful old churches and chapels beside the trail because pilgrims have followed these paths for many centuries. In the Moll Valley you can’t miss the spectacular Falkenstein Castle, which is truly like something out of a fairytale. This rocky promontory has been fortified since at least the 12th century and being 843m above sea level it certainly boasts great views.

Trekking in Austria is only the beginning

The Alpe Adria Trail covers 750 kilometres and 43 stages, with the Austrian portion covering less than half of the whole route. Once you have experienced the Hohe Tauern National Park, and the best trekking in Austria, let the Alpe Adria Trail tempt you onwards into Slovenia, then Italy and all the way to the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea.